Ready, Set, Draw is a series of workshops taught by Karen Luk. The secrets of manga faces and expressions, basic character design, and comics are revealed! Manga is the Japanese word for comics and literally translates to “whimsical pictures.” Anime is the Japanese word for animation. In the US, manga and anime are used interchangeably to describe a drawing style inspired by manga and/or anime.

Teaching kids and teens to draw manga style enables them to express themselves visually, using an imagery style they are already see and enjoy. Using comics as a tool, kids and teens learn how to tell and share their stories. Comics combines words and images for storytelling. Kids and teens are introduced to standard comic concepts, traditional drawing techniques, and basic story structure.

Basic drawing skills are helpful, but not required for the workshops. Instructional materials are provided for the kids and teens to practice their new skills. Typical workshops are listed below, but designing cartoon characters, basic drawing skills, anatomy lessons, and making mini-comics are also possible workshops for kids, teens, and adults. If you are interested in booking a workshop, please contact Karen Luk: kl@karenluk.net or use the Contact form with your request. Fees vary by location of class, workshop length, and number of students per workshop. Average cost is $250 for 20 attendees.

Manga Mania/Intro to Manga

1.5 to 2 hour workshop for pre-teens and up to high school teens. Draw and compare a realistic face to a manga style face with different expressions. Chibis, cute and small character types, are taught along with standard proportions for manga style characters.

Chibis & Monsters

1.5 to 2 hour workshop for pre-teens. Learn how to draw cute versions of popular cartoon characters, animals and/or monsters.

Comic Jam

2 to 2.5 hour workshop recommended for teens. Teens collaborate to develop two different characters and then draw a participatory comic using those characters. Basic story structure and character design are introduced.

Make a Hero

1.5 to 2 hour workshop recommended for pre-teens and up to high school teens. Together, partcipants describe what a hero is and then create a superhero from the suggestions. Original heroes are emphasized, based on power, weakness, environment, species, and age. Character design is a key focus.