March 2022 Workshops

Upcoming free, online workshops taught by me, Karen Luk. Come and level up your drawing skills!

Make Your Own S/Hero Workshop
March 1st, Tuesday: 4 to 5:30 pm PST
San Francisco Public Library
Register here

Create a supershero after brainstorming what makes someone heroic. Instructor Karen Luk combines drawing techniques, basic story structure and incorporates discussion on heroic elements to help focus on character design. Consider what makes a supershero based on power, weakness, environment, species and age. Bring your ideas to share your story and drawing questions for Luk to answer after the drawing demonstration. Space limited. For ages 10 and older.


Creature Feature Workshop
March 29th, Tuesday: 6 to 7 pm PST
Mountain View Public Library
Register here

Mix and match animals to make new creatures like dragons or Pokemon! Come learn basic animal drawing tips and then mash them together. Share your favorite animals (real or not) at the workshop.

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